• Gabrieli F.lli


    Over 40 years of experience

GABRIELI F.LLI is a leader company in the manufacturing of headworks for the sanitary and heating sector. The multi-year experience allowed the company to grow and specialize steadily, reaching important goals in the manufacturing and qualitative fields.

Since 40 years we cooperate with the main companies of this field, in Italy and abroad, developing in this way a world market that allowed us to improve day by day. In addition to the manufacturing of the headworks, Gabrieli F.lli provides its customers its full technical and manufacturing know how: this means for the customer a wide range of services, from planning and consulting to realize on drawing special parts for large production batches. Smartness and punctuality complete the company’s framework, making us a point of reference and a reliable partner for all the manufacturers of manifolds and sanitary fittings.


Our manufacturing process is composed by multispindle machines and modern assembling lines completely automated and integrated with our informatic system, making GABRIELI F.LLI a “smart factory”


Due to the constant investment in new machining and automation technology, the company produces about 8 milion of headworks per year, exporting directly the 30%


The exclusive use of certified materials for drinking water, the organization and the constant check of the production ensure high quality standards, offering in this way a safe and reliable product totally made in Italy